By its very nature, our democracy has always been progressive

Infographis from the public domain

I am a progressive, proud liberal. I believe America is and always has been proudly liberal and progressive. Why do I believe this? We may not see it now because we’ve progressed so far; but our democracy was founded on revolutionary liberal progressivism. The idea of doing away with monarchy…

Christmas In Heaven

My father, passed last night. Issues aside, I loved them both and we we were at peace with each other. Both parents have passed now. I feel utterly bereft.

Christmas In Heaven

But, I take comfort in my faith in which I believe my father is sharing Christmas again with mother (who passed…

Matthew 10:14 tells us to depart from those who who devalue us and/or abuse us

There is a scripture verse telling us not to stay in unwelcoming or harmful situations. It’s a short verse; but, the verse speaks to me with so much more than those few words say. While the verse is specifically about sharing our faith, what else does it tell us? To…

What does “image” really mean?

Image of Christ washing the deciples’ feet, from the public domain

What is the “image of God?” The aforementioned “image of God” will always necessarily a theological point of discernment. For me, it will also always be an emotionally and intellectually fluid thing. As to that “image,” I read in college (at the Baptist college I was cajoled into and attended…

A Prayer for Peace

We pray, O dearest Lord.
We pray for kindness and love,
for compassion and empathy…
for blessings of hope and peace…
We pray for these in every heart.

We pray, in Christ’s name.
We pray for the days

when humankind will look…
will look upon one another
without baleful judgement.

A Poem inspired by a desperate bout of depression and anxiety of someone achingly dear to me.

Sleep torments me
in these trauma hours
of self-loathing
deep in the night
when the mind won’t be silent.
Madness whispers
of an end to all
and my heart wails
a siren’s song.
Whispers call seductively.

The blackness fades.
Night segues to dawn.
As my eyes dry,
daylight seeps in.
Crossing the horizon blue,
light and birdsong
take me one step
back from sorrow,
from the self-hate
of those darkest trauma hours

© 09 November 2021, by D. Denise Dianaty

The Certitude Selective Biblical Literalism

None of us have all their answers. Faith is not “unquestioning certitude” — Faith is belief with discernment about the true nature of God. Unquestioning certitude is the dogmatic, yet entirely selective Biblical literalism driving people from faith.

It is that dogma which precludes discernment all together. It necessarily imposes…

So… I haven’t been blogging much of late. Please read the reasons why:

For most of the past year, I have increasingly struggled to see because of completely curable cataracts. Necessarily, my reading and writing fell off increasingly. Always an avid reader, I have been distressed not to be able to see well enough to read any longer. I haven’t been able to…

The following poem is very much for mature audiences. It is raw. You will be offended.

Walking… oh, please… don’t notice me…

The ruining corridors of pain…
These hallowed halls of entropy…

What learning ‘pon the blackboard
With vile tutelage in your halls?
Delinquent roving gangs violate your corners.

The Left still defends Democrat powerful men against crowds of women, even when those women are liberal too.

Is it ever going to change?

Will #MeToo mean anything at all in making things better for women? How can it when liberals and progressives are using the self-same tactics and talking points to defend Cuomo which continue to be employed by conservatives and republicans to defend Trump? What is it now — eight women accusing…

Author, D. Denise Dianaty

“Hands and hearts and minds and voices committed to working for tolerance, peace and social justice everywhere, always. ~MomzillaNC

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