A Poem inspired by a desperate bout of depression and anxiety of someone achingly dear to me.

Sleep torments me
in these trauma hours
of self-loathing
deep in the night
when the mind won’t be silent.
Madness whispers
of an end to all
and my heart wails
a siren’s song.
Whispers call seductively.

The blackness fades.
Night segues to dawn.
As my eyes dry,
daylight seeps in.
Crossing the horizon blue,
light and birdsong
take me one step
back from sorrow,
from the self-hate
of those darkest trauma hours

© 09 November 2021, by D. Denise Dianaty

The Certitude Selective Biblical Literalism

None of us have all their answers. Faith is not “unquestioning certitude” — Faith is belief with discernment about the true nature of God. Unquestioning certitude is the dogmatic, yet entirely selective Biblical literalism driving people from faith.

It is that dogma which precludes discernment all together. It necessarily imposes…

So… I haven’t been blogging much of late. Please read the reasons why:

For most of the past year, I have increasingly struggled to see because of completely curable cataracts. Necessarily, my reading and writing fell off increasingly. Always an avid reader, I have been distressed not to be able to see well enough to read any longer. I haven’t been able to…

The following poem is very much for mature audiences. It is raw. You will be offended.

Walking… oh, please… don’t notice me…

The ruining corridors of pain…
These hallowed halls of entropy…

What learning ‘pon the blackboard
With vile tutelage in your halls?
Delinquent roving gangs violate your corners.

The Left still defends Democrat powerful men against crowds of women, even when those women are liberal too.

Is it ever going to change?

Will #MeToo mean anything at all in making things better for women? How can it when liberals and progressives are using the self-same tactics and talking points to defend Cuomo which continue to be employed by conservatives and republicans to defend Trump? What is it now — eight women accusing…

They way the rightwing talks about Trump makes my brain hurt.

The rightwing conservatives aren’t even trying to be subtle anymore. Not only do they have a golden idol of Trump on display at their annual CPAC convention, their stage is the actual Odal rune of the Nazi SS! They’ve abandoned all pretense of American democracy. …

Half a million dead in a year.

Half a million members of our American family lost, loved ones dying alone because we were forced to stay away by this pandemic.

The deepest cut is that most of these coronavirus deaths should have been preventable with even the most basic of…

Do we owe respect in death to a man who in life espoused only disrespect?

“I am to die steeped in treasonous guilt, my name cursed, my memory unmourned.” –Paul W.S. Bowler

As regards how people are reacting to the death of Rush Limbaugh and demands for more “respect for the dead” — He now reaps what he had sown all his life. …

The Two Cannot Be Mutually Exclusive.

Image created in Illustrator by D. Denise Dianaty

The way forward cannot again compromise with hatred and bigots. From the very founding of this nation, our American history has been one of compromise with white supremacy and bigots. The long arc of our national history led us to what now must be a national reckoning.

“Hate is a…

Author, D. Denise Dianaty

“Hands and hearts and minds and voices committed to working for tolerance, peace and social justice everywhere, always. ~MomzillaNC

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