A Conversation on Believing Women

The Left still defends Democrat powerful men against crowds of women, even when those women are liberal too.

Will #MeToo mean anything at all in making things better for women? How can it when liberals and progressives are using the self-same tactics and talking points to defend Cuomo which continue to be employed by conservatives and republicans to defend Trump? What is it now — eight women accusing Cuomo? Yet still, the best Left can seem to muster is that it’s a matter of degrees of badness — in other words: What women accuse Cuomo of isn’t as bad as what women accuse Trump of doing. Because Cuomo is our guy… Because our guy isn’t as bad as their guy, it seems women are expected to just give our guy a pass on his imposition of power over our space, our time, our feelings, and/or our bodies. Yet again, women are expected to “Just shut up and take it.”




The images below are of a respondent’s thread commenting on my profile post on Facebook. The kind of tribalism displayed in comments of the person dubbed “Woman Counter Commentor” is why even a crowd of women with the same accusations of harassment and/or abuse are not believed; it is why they are vilified in defense of some powerful man.

You may read the full discussion on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/denise.dianaty/posts/10220441396648569

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