D. Denise Dianaty is an artist, art photographer, poet, writer-activist and self-published author. Much of her poetry is autobiographical or writer-activism. The majority of her essays are writer-activism. Denise’s first published work is an ebook of poetry entitled, My Life In Poetry. She has a second published work, also an ebook entitled, The Dance Plays On…

In her fiction, Denise has a penchant for "beautiful tragedy." which is a short romance novelette of paranormal fiction. The Dance Plays On… is "a delicately sad tale of transcendent love, a perfect kiss, and haunting, beautiful tragedy." Further examples may be found in her short stories, "Why Am I Alone?" (an existential soulmate fiction) and "Tragic Child" (a Christmas tale of love and loss beyond life).

Denise considers herself a writing activist for a just and equitable society. As a photographer drawn to the dichotomy of decay being overtaken by new life in the form of natural growth, she gravitates to rural scenes of old and/or abandoned structures. She tries to capture something more quintessential in human or animal photography than just another portrait.

Grounded in the belief that "God is love" and if we know love we know God [1 John 4], and in Jesus' own command to his followers, to be known as His by our love for others [John 13:35], Denise’s writer-activism begins from her devout faith. She considers herself, first and foremost, a progressive Christian, committed to trying to live a Christ-like Faith. She says, “I may not always be successful, but I try to come from a perspective of compassion, humility and kindness; this is how I believe I may demonstrate the image of God in the world.”

Her early life was full of pain and heartache. Yet, she did more than survive. Denise overcame with the help of truly good and decent human people – people of varied beliefs and non-belief, people of varied orientation and gender identity. From among such people as these, she created and grew her own family beyond blood-ties.

Denise has built a life rich in love and the loyalty of friends and the family she built for herself. She is a devoted mother to an amazing son with a heart of giving and empathy. For more than thirty years, she has been married to a Persian immigrant whom she describes as “the kindest, most gentle and loving husband and father for whom I could ever have hoped… just a bone-deep decent human being.”

Below are infographics created by Denise. of maxims she believes:

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