Enemies Of America

A Nest of Vipers Bred In Our Midst

he insurrection, directed by Trump, is the snake eating its own tail. He is the head of the snake. These people are scared of our changing world — so scared that they have made themselves enemies of democracy — demonstrably the most dangerous enemies of America. His base is a nest of vipers bred in our midst; they are anti-democracy domestic terrorists.

At rallies, Trump recited the Al Wilson lyrics of “The Snake” and has shown himself to be the snake in his quoted fable. And the GOP bred the snake and the viper’s nest, spendking decades sewing doubt and fear in our democratic process and institutions. They framed the chaos in which Trump revels. He ignited a conflagration of anti-democratic furor in his base… fear and anger at a world looking less like them with every generation. They live in fear and fury — white fury. Only the privilege that comes with white skin can express such a level of white fury and not be felled in a bloodbath. (Is there any doubt their siege of the Capitol would have ended in a bloodbath if the rioters had been Black and Hispanic?)

There needs to be is substantive legal repercussions — for the rioters, certainly — but also for the public officials who’ve been inciting them since 2015. The GOP public officials who helped incite insurrection on 06 January 2021, and who continue to stoke that chaos, must be finally held accountable for their decades of political malpractice, of making opinions founded in lies the agenda of the Republican Party. Legislatures, both Federal and state, need to craft new laws — in my estimation, it should be a new amendment to the US Constitution — making political malpractice by public officials a prosecutable crime. Medical and legal malpractice are prosecutable. If you lie to Congress or the courts or law enforcement, it’s Federal crime. If public figures promote a deliberately mendacious agenda to the voters, it should also be a Federal crime. NO MORE OPINION POLITICS!

Opinion politics is deadly. Six people died in Trump’s insurrection, two of whom were Capitol Police officers. Four American insurgents died, committing treason because they chose war against the democratic republic for which they claimed to stand. Bombs were left behind. To cameras insurgents proclaimed “We’re storming the Capitol. It’s a revolution, man.” Consider those two officers; one died from the physical injuries inflicted by the insurrectionists; the other later took his own life because of the injuries to his soul. Think about that officer who died from his injuries. He went down at the hands of Americans, under “Blue Lives Matter” banners and “Thin Blue Line” flags.

As the UK’s ITV News Washington Correspondent, Robert Moore said, “America’s long journey as a stable Democracy appears to be in genuine doubt.” Why? Because the POTUS — the president of the United States — is waging war against America. Pipe bombs and plastic restraints and other weapons and bombs found in the Capitol — INSIDE the Capitol building. A truck load of bombs and guns left behind. The Trump Army haven’t gone away. They wait with enthusiasm to do his bidding. His lies are become mother’s milk to them.

For this, at long last, Twitter permanently banned him for life. Facebook and Instagram suspended his accounts indefinitely. Social media platforms have finally done what the GOP and the Cabinet should have done long ago.

McConnell wants to wait for the Impeachment Trial until January 20th, one hour after the transfer of power to Biden — or until January 21st, 25 hours after the transfer of power. McConnell will no longer be the Majority Leader in the Senate… one last act of craven cowardice. Plan A, B, or C — Get him out of office NOW! Then, make his people see the lies and betrayal.

GOP “leaders” who still — returned to the Chamber after the storming of the Capitol and STILL — voted against confirming the Biden/Harris electors are auditioning for Trump’s Army and still want to convince that army they would lead them, that they are patriots and revolutionaries.

How can anyone still defend Trump?

  • Trump… the man who demeans and degrades women and people with disabilities?
  • Trump… the man who bragged he could “grab them by the p*ssy?”
  • Trump… the man who bragged, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters?”
  • Trump… the man who defends Putin agains ALL of our intelligence and law enforcement agencies?
  • Trump… the man who had babies ripped away from their parents and locked in cages — then lost the tracking information to reunite them?
  • Trump… the man who called our service people “losers” and “suckers?”
  • Trump… the man who defended Putin when we learned of Russian bounties being paid on the heads of OUR soldiers?
  • Trump… the man who solicited foreign intervention in our national elections?
  • Trump… the man who has caused literally hundreds of thousands of Americans deaths to Covid?
  • Trump… the POTUS waging war against America and inciting the storming of the Capitol?

I fear we cannot really do anything about his base. However, we must move forward to build a nation of more equal justice and economic equity — and we must, must, must educate the children of his base. But especially, and most importantly, we have to end the notion that lies as “opinions” are protected free speech. The 1st Amendment was NEVER intended to protect lies. We will never educate people if we cannot teach them to first believe quantifiable and repeatedly provable truths.

“Hands and hearts and minds and voices committed to working for tolerance, peace and social justice everywhere, always. ~MomzillaNC