Mother’s Day 2020

So what if only three percent die?
What does that percent mean? Sigh…
A bleak dawn this Mother’s Day
Eighty thousand dead today
with thousands more to come
Someone’s child becomes a sum

And still they gather and shout
Profit before people is what it’s about
Life is cheap… the price of business
is your life, against all wiseness
The price of business, you see
Is someone else’s child or three

With stimulus billions paid out
Meant to help the working lout
The Stock Market just keeps on
Wall Street enriching itself, son
Love your economy more than your dead
“Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead.”

Our healthcare systems cannot cope
Take it to the Supreme Court, dope
Ya know ya gotta kill that law, sure
Take healthcare from the working poor
They’re mostly brown and black
Ya know they don’t matter, jack

Let them be the three percent
You can’t have a test for the intent
To know Covid19 comes under your roof
But, get your guns for armed protest. Oof!
Demand your right to your hairstylist
Your nails need doing by that manicurist

How dare anyone tell you what to do
No pub or shops, stay away from the zoo?
They can’t make you wear a mask, for a start…
Wash your hands or stay six feet apart
You go out there and get the virus.
You say you’ll do risk just for us

It’ll probably be mild for you.
No organ damages, probably too
You probably won’t end up intubated.
But you’re going to give it unabated
to someone else not so fortunate
They won’t know you have it till too late

Yeah… go ahead and be “noble” — so wise
Spread it far and wide in noble guise
Tell grandma thanks for her life
Tell grandpa say goodbye to your wife
Make that choice for your neighbor
Choose for your child the unsafe harbor

I should be willing, you know
To die for your convenience… so
I’m just someone else’s child
You’ll stay six feet apart — exiled
Only when God tells you, by thunder
He’ll lay you down, six feet under

© 11 May 2020, by D. Denise Dianaty

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Author, D. Denise Dianaty

Author, D. Denise Dianaty

“Hands and hearts and minds and voices committed to working for tolerance, peace and social justice everywhere, always. ~MomzillaNC (Poetry also on WordPress)