Unity or Justice?

The Two Cannot Be Mutually Exclusive.

Image created in Illustrator by D. Denise Dianaty

“Hate is a contagious mental illness that requires qualified and substantive psychiatric treatment.” ~MomzillaNC

For more than half a century, the GOP used their power to undercut our democracy itself, becoming completely divergent from our constitutional democratic system. It has been calculated and systemic. Under a veneer of religiosity and patriotism, the party spent more than half a century trying to impose a Dominionist vision of a theocratic corporate feudal state where we are all required to just shut up and work until we die. Our constitutional democratic republic has been hijacked by the white fury of those intent on remaking the republic to suit their wrongheaded opinions, their sense of entitlement and superiority — all while claiming 1st Amendment protections of free speech.

Freedom of Speech was NEVER intended to protect lies.

The decades long anti-democracy agenda of white fury culminated in elected republicans violating their oaths of office and engaging in actual sedition by attempting to overturn a fair and free election their own party definitively proved was properly and constitutionally won by the Democrats — and helping to incite an armed insurrection in the siege of the Capitol on 06 January 2021.

To them I repeat my words from a previous blog:

“Until the GOP walks away from the base, there cannot — nay… MUST NOT — be any reconciliation. Should the world have reconciled with post WWII Nazis? Should the world reconcile with ISIS or al Qaeda? No. We cannot make room to reconcile with extremism and hate and bigotry. That demographic has never changed, will never change, refuses to change. Instead, they drag whatever party they inhabit into the pit with them, burrowing hell-bent-for-leather, head down for Hades.”

Our future generations will look back upon this history and ask what we did to resist this forced march toward oppression. We may have won the day for now. But our children and grandchildren will look to the siege of the seat of our democracy and seek an accounting of us. For their sake, we must stop candy-coating the evil ideologies of fascists, nazis, and white extremists advocating race war and genocide; these are people literally fighting to over throw democracy in America. There can be no middle ground. There will be no moral high ground in silence. This struggle defines for all Americans an unequivocal moral imperative as a nation: Either you stand for democracy against the terrorism of racist fascism, or… you stand with it and Trump.

“Hands and hearts and minds and voices committed to working for tolerance, peace and social justice everywhere, always. ~MomzillaNC